TCD2905D attached to Arduino Mega2560

After several days of work, I managed to make my Arduino read data from a photosensor board, which I had dismounted from a scanner. The board carries a Toshiba TCD2905D linear photodiode array with 3x 10800 pixels (RGB, one array per color). After reading Toshiba’s very helpful Application Note and the TCD2950D datasheet (Thank you, Toshiba 🙂 ), I was able to program a command sequence for Arduino and watch the pixels pop out on the oscilloscope. I confirmed, that the height (voltage) of the pixels depends on the illumination strength on the chip, therefore I assume it’s actually working.

Software and schematics are available here:

For questions, feel free to ask/comment 🙂

I have more such boards lying around here, maybe I’ll try to read them out, too …

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6 Antworten auf TCD2905D attached to Arduino Mega2560

  1. Nosratullah Mohammadi sagt:

    Thanks for your awesome project. I read your code but couldn’t find where can I change the pixels mount, because I use a linear Ccd, Called TCD1304 from Toshiba that has 3648 pixels. and Also I use an Arduino Due as a microcontroller that has an ARM processor.

  2. Adrian sagt:

    It’s definitely not a μPD3739, it has GND on pin 2 and 12Vcc on pin 20.

  3. Adrian sagt:

    I extracted an API 610PLUS CCD.BD N3717 REV.S4 board from an old scanner, for which google’s only hit was your github repository. Your pictures there do indeed show the same board, but have you managed to identify the linear CCD array which is used ? I could not find that information, and the chip itself is unmarked (I haven’t unsoldered it yet though, maybe there is some information on the underside).
    cheers, Adrian

    • Matthias Bock sagt:

      Hello Adrian,
      I haven’t identified this sensor, sorry. If I remember correctly, I broke it while trying to unsolder it. Have you tried searching the web for all the numbers visible on the board? Might bring up something. And yes, probably there is a model number on the underside. If you find out, let me know, so I can update my repo 🙂
      Cheers, Matthias

      • Adrian sagt:

        Hi Matthias,
        None of the numbers on the board seem to give any indication. Unsoldering the chip will most certainly result in its death, and I thought that using the rest of the electronics on board might be a good idea (only simple stuff like 74HCT…, LM78, Rs and Cs, so easy to reverse-engineer and mostly stuff I’d have to recreate around the chip anyway). My best guess so far is that it is a NEC μPD3739. I guessed from the board name that it is designed to offer a 610dpi resolution on A4 paper, meaning about 5000 pixels, and one can see the dye on 3 colored lines, so I searched for 5000px*3color linear CCD modules. Ceramic DIL dimensions of the above NEC match. I’ll keep you posted if the circuitry around makes sense with this pin layout, and if this project gets any further :-).
        cheers, Adrian

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