Bluetooth Low Energy for the Fairphone

Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) is only part of stock Android since 4.3:

Unfortunately, no Android 4.3/4.4 upgrades are in sight for the Fairphone:

It Open Source! You can always build your own Android image!
– Overly enthusiastic developer

Some Fairphone userland apps have been open sourced:

Backup your Fairphone partitions using ClockwordMod recovery:

The official Fairphone firmware images can be downloaded here (mirror):

Alternatively, you can also install unmodified Google Android 4.2.2 („AOSP“):

The Linux kernel sources are available for download (mirror):

What about:

  • the bootloader
  • the filesystem used on the phone’s partitions
  • the .config used to compile the kernel
  • binary firmware BLOBs

Update 26.10.2014:
According to Fairphone Support, the current Fairphone OS implementation of Android 4.2.2 could support BLE out-of-the-box.

Update 26.11.2014:
BLE is not supported with the current version of Android. BLE apps won’t install until Android 4.3 due to the minimally required SDK version. I read however, that other Smartphones with the same SoC support BLE, which would mean, that there are no general hardware or firmware blob related obstacles preventing BLE support on the Fairphone, probably making an Android update the only condition to getting BLE to work.

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