Notes on fxload

To flash firmware into Cypress FX2(LP) microcontrollers, a tool is required. Several exist, fxload being the most widely used. Unfortunately, simply installing fxload via the Debian package is not sufficient to get started. The Debian package is heavily outdated (a version from 2008) and doesn’t seem to work anymore with recent installations of Debian/Linux. I had to dive a little bit into the topic, which is what I would like to summarize here.

fxload is originally a part of the Linux Hotplug Project on SourceForge. That project, however, seems abandoned, the last activity happening in 2013. For some reason I didn’t even manage to clone the CVS(!) reposity.

Fortunately, a git-converted fork of the repo by Github user esden exists. Noteworthy are also accesio’s additions, which enable compilation for MacOS. Most notable though is, that since 2012, fxload has also been added as an example application to the libusb project. In the latter repository it has even been maintained (last commit July 2017).

Compiling fxload from the libusb repository actually appears to results in a working executable. Here’s what you need to do to compile it:

  • git clone
  • cd libusb
  • ./
  • make
  • cd examples/
  • ./fxload
  • cp -av fxload /usr/local/bin/

There’s no need to install the rest of the project. You can just place the generated fxload executable in your /usr/local/bin and you’re all set for development.

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