Feature request: Exporting CubeMX projects to labeled schematics

I am beginning to like ST’s CubeMX tool. Despite being non-free software, it runs smoothly and also under Linux. The benefit, CubeMX offers during the inital stages of the hardware and software design process, is not to be underrated. CubeMX simplifies not only the MCU selection, but also helps with the pin assignment, so that one could quickly get started designing a PCB.

Screenshot of CubeMX during customization of MCU pin functions

Could – In reality one still has to create a project e.g. in KiCad, add a symbol for the selected MCU and attach a ton of labels for all the selected pin functions.

Why, I was thinking, isn’t this automated? Why isn’t it possible to export a KiCad schematic directly from the CubeMX tool? Or by means of a separate tool, which converts the .ioc project file to a schematic?

So I took a look into that .ioc file and found, that it’s a text-based format:


Should be easy enough to write a small parser for that. KiCad’s schematic files are text-based, too, and open source anyway.

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